Dr. Neilson McLean

Neil is the Regional Medical Director for Fraser Health in British Columbia. Responsible for all Intensive Care Units in the Fraser Health umbrella, which accounts for approximately 1.9 million people. For several years Neil practiced in Uganda for the International SOS, overseeing the fight against tuberculosis in Kampala. Neil has extensive international medivac experience, holding his Commercial Helicopters License, a diploma in Aviation Medicine and Founder of Executive Air Ambulance, where they oversaw medivac flights worldwide. Neil brings medical knowledge with medical analytics nuances to better provide HWB with access to health care insight.

David Thomas

David is the founding Managing Director and Board Member of Air Serv Ltd. This Uganda-based non-profit aviation company provides humanitarian cargo delivery services in Africa. His 30+ year flight and aviation management career include: overseeing the UN’s WFP-certification for Air Serv; holding airline transport pilot licenses in Canada and the United States; and serving as an instructor in BC, where he oversees pilot training programs and developed the Aviation Explorations 12 course for aspiring aviators.

Danny Sitnam - Founding Director

Danny is also the Co-Founder, President and CEO of Helijet International, the world’s largest helicopter airline and one of Canada’s largest helicopter air medical providers. During his prolific 40-year aviation career, Danny has been recognized with numerous community and leadership awards, and in 2017 was inducted into the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame.

Adam Aldous - Founding Director

Adam is also the Co-Founder and President of Texas-based Night Flight Concepts, a night vision imaging systems integration, training and maintenance company that has supported aviation emergency first response agencies around the world since 2006. Adam’s 20-year aviation career includes being a licensed commercial and certified flight instructor with instrument privileges in helicopters and single-engine/multi-engine aircraft.

Owen McClung-Sitnam - CEO - Founding Director

Owen is a helicopter captain who holds a commercial and airline transport pilot license in Canada and the US. Accumulating 3,000 flying hours, primarily fighting forest fires across Canada and flying air ambulance missions up and down BC’s coast. Owen studied sustainability in the past and is finishing his MBA at Royal Roads University. Before founding HWB, Owen headed Business Development for a charter company in Alberta.

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